2023/02/22 6min read

5 steps to set up collaborative delivery

What is collaborative delivery? Consumers' expectations of the shopping experience - and therefore o ....

2022/12/09 4min read

Digital transformation for local carriers

With the rapid development of new technologies, transformations have been imposed on companies and i ....

2022/08/19 4min read

Finding a carrier in 2022

For retail, digitalization will continue to accelerate in 2022 in response to the growing demands of ....

2022/07/22 6min read

How to optimize your last-mile deliveries?

Last-mile delivery is the most difficult to orchestrate and the most expensive. As such, there are m ....

2022/07/06 4min read

What is last-mile delivery?

Have you ever heard of last-mile delivery or last-mile logistics? In the current context in which we ....

2022/06/22 3min read

All about Woop's transport expertise

Today, we give the voice to Alexis Quesney, Managing Director of Woop, and Victoria Helinck, Woop Tr ....

2022/05/19 7min read

Why is Woop the favorite last-mile solution for carriers?

Driven by the evolution of customer needs, accelerated by confinements, omnichannelity has completel ....

2022/04/13 7min read

The ecological revolution of the last mile

An alarming finding In France, a third of greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the transport sec ....

2021/05/18 8min read

The rise of collaborative models

The birth of a new model New players have emerged in the logistics sector through collaborative deli ....

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