How to optimize your last-mile deliveries?

2022/07/22 7min read

How to optimize your last-mile deliveries?

Last-mile delivery is the most difficult to orchestrate and the most expensive. As such, there are many issues related to it.

Our previous article "What is last mile delivery" argued that consumers have become omnichannel. They want to choose between different channels to decide which delivery solution is best for them. 

As a result, it has become more complex for retailers to manage multiple delivery or collection methods to offer this omnichannel experience to consumers.  

Let's discover today the solutions proposed to optimize and orchestrate last-mile deliveries.


Track your delivery and collection operations in real time

Ensuring customer satisfaction

A delayed delivery, a blocked parcel, a lack of visibility, transparency, tracking, and tracing... And you risk seeing your customers' satisfaction plummet. Not to mention your customer service department, which is likely to be over-solicited by calls from worried or dissatisfied consumers. 

It is becoming necessary for retailers to be able to rely on data to have real-time visibility throughout the ordering and delivery stages. This way, you will be able to anticipate delivery incidents and deal with them efficiently through proactive communication with your customers. 

How to optimize your last-mile deliveries?

With the Woop DMS (Delivery Management System), you can subscribe to alerts to detect possible delivery problems in real-time. You will also be able to offer customized customer tracking pages in your brand's colors and send communications addressed in your name.

With the implementation of this process, you can significantly reduce incoming calls to your customer service and enrich the customer experience to create a relationship of trust and loyalty with your customers.

Afterward, you can generate satisfaction surveys after each delivery to measure your customers' satisfaction. You can use the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS is calculated from the intention to recommend a product, a service, a brand, or a company. It is an indicator that allows us to measure customer satisfaction and thus improve the customer journey after each delivery.

  • Again, Woop DMS provides concrete results and measurable benefits with a Net Promoter Score of 75, compared to the 34 usually found in parcel delivery. This is made possible by a smooth and seamless delivery experience throughout the delivery process with the help of notifications and tracking. 

Equally important, yet sometimes overlooked, is the  management of returns. So, think of a process to support your customers who may have changed their minds or are dissatisfied with their product. This will allow you to offer a seamless customer experience, from the initial order to the return of the product! 

With the Woop DMS, you will be able to offer a flexible offer with two return modes (drop-off at a relay point or pick-up at the customer's home) and implement automation with the possibility to automatically generate a return label that will be made available to the customer. 


Automate the orchestration of your deliveries and plan your routes 

Optimizing the cost of the last kilometer 

According to figures published by the Rungis International Market Strategic Analysis Committee, last-mile delivery is the most expensive and represents 20% of the total cost of the logistics chain.

To be ahead of this reality, you must challenge several carriers to obtain the best transport offer for each order. This means having different carriers for each delivery solution. So yes, it's a good idea, but how do you make it happen?

To optimize your transport costs, it is necessary to simplify omnichannel delivery, by automating, in real-time and at a single point, all your delivery flows (home delivery, relay points, lockers or click and collect, drive, etc.)

This is where the Woop DMS comes in to orchestrate your delivery flows: Woop's checkout function allows you to display all available delivery promises in real-time, depending on the customer's geographical area and the particularities of the desired product.

How to optimize your last-mile deliveries?

  • With the Woop DMS you can save up to 15% on your transport costs! 

You can also plan and optimize efficient and balanced routes for your internal and external vehicle fleets. This will allow you to minimize driver journeys and the cost of the last mile. The good news is that route optimization software has been developed to reduce travel distances and operational costs through high-performance optimization algorithms. 

  • The Mapotempo by Woop solution optimizes your routes and thus reduces the kilometers traveled by 23% and overall costs by 30%! 


Reducing the carbon impact of deliveries

Optimizing your processes with a technology solution such as Woop's Delivery Management System not only allows you to optimize your costs, but also to reduce the carbon footprint of your activities.

As we saw earlier, using a route optimization solution will allow you to reduce the number of kilometers driven by 23%, a good start to reducing your greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

To satisfy customers who are more attentive to ecological issues, offering a low-carbon delivery solution is also a real lever and a selling point.  According to a study conducted by the e-commerce shipping platform Sendcloud, 3 out of 5 consumers (60%) consider the environmental impact as an important element when choosing a delivery option.

  • In this sense, the Woop platform offers the largest network of 100% carbon-free deliveries in France.

You will be able to benefit from an exhaustive catalog of green transporters throughout France (cyclists and pedestrians) and access an extensive ecosystem representing up to 10 transport players per area.

You will thus have access to effective functionalities and levers to significantly reduce the carbon impact of your deliveries and propose a more sustainable, more human logistics strategy.

How to optimize your last-mile deliveries?


After the OMS and the TMS, the Delivery Management System (DMS) was born. The latter stands out from other solutions because it unifies all delivery and collection methods within a single technological solution. Today, very few players on the market are capable of supporting you. Thus, a DMS will be able to support you in the deployment of all your delivery solutions and also in the optimization and planning of your rounds. This platform will allow you to activate multiple levers to boost customer satisfaction, automate the orchestration of your deliveries, plan your routes and reduce the carbon impact of your deliveries. 

Would you like to know more about Woop's solutions for these last-mile delivery challenges? Contact one of our experts!

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Our Woop technology platform is available as a software-as-a-service and requires no on-site software installation.

For each delivery, the Woop platform automatically proposes different transport scenarios according to predefined criteria - price, quality of service, carbon impact - thus allowing you to choose the best offer at the best price while favoring soft mobility as soon as possible.


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