Our consulting and auditing services

To accelerate the development of your business, Woop offers you services dedicated to carriers and logistics professionals.

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There are now so many delivery providers on the market that it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd

You can use our consulting and auditing services to improve the performance of your organisation, your processes or your route management strategy, and deliver operational excellence to your customers.

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Renowned industry expertise

Our experts are professionals from the world of transport, logistics and retail. They are in constant contact with the field and our ecosystem.


Services on demand

Our services are available on demand to specifically address your challenges and needs


Data-driven services

To ensure the excellence of our services, we use operational data reported by the platform.

Our catalogue of services for carriers and logistics professionals


Operational and business consulting

Our knowledge of the operational challenges involved in delivery helps us to support you in the industrialisation of your practices and the transformation of your activities.


Functional and technical consulting

We work with you to implement and integrate our solutions for your activities, or we can guide you towards the right technological solutions.


Technical audit

We can audit the integration between your information system and the Woop platform to identify areas for improvement and to boost efficiency

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Got plans to industrialise your business? Need to accelerate your development?

Woop is much more than a fully maintained and operated technological platform. Woop is also a team that supports you in the global transformation of processes and the customer experience around delivery.

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