Identify the best carriers for your deliveries

With our business expertise and the diversity of our carrier catalogue, Woop can help you source partners able to meet your delivery needs.

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Meeting all of the specific needs and constraints of delivery can be a challenge.

  • Special products (fresh, bulky, heavy, hazardous, etc.)
  • Various delivery promises (two-hour, same day, next day, appointment, etc.)
  • Additional services (installation, commissioning, EEEW return, etc.)
  • Geographical coverage (international, national, local)
  • Delivery methods (Green, contactless, collaborative, pick-up points, etc.)

Woop's Transport team saves you valuable time by sharing its knowledge of the transport ecosystem. This means you can easily and confidently access to the best partners to meet your most specific needs.




Data-driven services

To ensure the excellence of our services, we measure the efficiency and quality of our transport partners through operational data reported by the platform.


Renowned industry expertise

Our experts are professionals from the world of transport and retail. They are in constant contact with the field and regularly monitor all our transport partners.


"Le Label Woop"

To highlight the professionalism and CSR commitments of our local transport partners, we have created the "Le Label Woop" label, a sure guarantee of quality and trust.


Turnkey consultancy services
for on-point deliveries

Active monitoring to detect new stakeholders

Analysis of needs to select the best partners

Support in drawing up transport specifications

Facilitation of transport partner relations


Key figures

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carriers in the Woop network
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delivery characteristics (promises, product types, services, areas, etc.)
Average NPS for deliveries made by Woop carriers


Find your transport partners

Whether you need additional services, faultless quality, special geographical coverage or eco-friendly deliveries, we will always have the right partners for you. Why don't you tell us what you need?

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Can I request a carrier sourcing service if I'm not connected to the Woop platform?

Yes, you don't need to be connected to the platform to access our consultancy and expertise.

Which carrier should I use for a heavy parcel?

We have many Heavy & Bulky carriers connected to the Woop platform. Our team of experts will be able to guide you to the most suitable carrier for your needs.

Do you have any eco-responsible carriers connected to the platform?

Yes, Woop is the largest 100% carbon-neutral delivery network in France. We can put you in contact with many bike couriers and/or partners operating fleets of electric vehicles.

Do you only have national or international partners?

We offer national and international partners but also many local partners, independent and family-run businesses, which form an essential part of the local delivery chain.

Is there a reference document that lists of all your carriers?

You can find the list of all our carriers in our Woop Book, or as we like to call it, "The Transport Bible". For each carrier, we detail all their characteristics and skills. The Woop Book is available through subscription. You can take out this subscription without being a customer of the platform.