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Vehicule configuration

- Type of vehicle: truck, light vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian, public transport, etc.
- Working hours
- Vehicle capacity
- Units for defining capacity (volume, weight, etc.) 
- Fuel type and consumption
- Depot locations (departure and arrival, with import option)
- Break times and locations
- Service times (times are added before the first stop of a tour and after the last stop of a tour) 
- Specific skills for each vehicle 
- Multiple configurations for the same vehicle for specific uses

Customer management

- Address geocoding by data entry or import- Possibility of defining up to two visit time slots for a single visit
- Definition of tour durations and tour quantities
- Integrate unplanned customers into a tour by simple drag & drop
- Modification of tour scheduling by simply dragging and dropping tour points, and automatic generation of a new route calculation
- Ability to create multiple tours with different characteristics (quantity, duration, etc.) for a single customer
- Import addresses from TomTom WEBFLEET
- Configuration of visits in fill or empty mode
- Define visit priority for each customer
- Manually send SMS messages to customers scheduled on a tour, e.g. to let them know that the tour is scheduled, with the information you require: address, date, time, quantity, etc.

Zone definition

- Manual sectorisation of areas to be delivered by vehicle (by drawing the area)- Sectorisation by administrative zones
- Isochronous and isodistance sectorisation: delimitation of points accessible by a vehicle in a given time or distance
- Automatic generation of zones from the schedule or according to the number of vehicles


- Create specific filters to plan and optimise all or part of the database
- Reverse tour order at the click of a button
- Mass assignment of unplanned stops


- Check/uncheck selection of customers not to be delivered
- Route calculation based on forecast traffic data
- Optimisation calculation for each route, independently of each other, or for the whole route
- Instant estimation of results: travel time, km and CO2 emissions
- Modification of tour scheduling by simply dragging and dropping tour points, and automatic generation of a new route calculation
- Constraint management (customer time slots, prioritisation of customers to be visited, filling or emptying type of visit, visit duration, quantity and type of units to be delivered, capacity and type of units transported by vehicles, route calculator, avoidance of freeways and toll sections, arriving/departing in the direction of traffic, vehicle competence, working hours of mobile staff, duration of service, duration of work, time slot, duration and location of rest periods, etc.).

Export tours

- Export of routes to Mapo mobile application
- Exploitation of results in the form of roadmaps and maps
- Export routes to GPS pro and mobile terminals
- Send tours by e-mail in KML format
- Can be used on smartphones via navigation applications
- Schedule export in iCal format


Carrying out assignments

- Export tours to Mapo mobile application
- Visit plan management in step-by-step mode
- StreetView display of next visit location
- Management of digital proof of visit: signature, photo, scan
- Temperature reading and monitoring thanks to Mapo & Sopac integration
- Configurable input forms (anomaly, questionnaire, etc.)
- x y coordinates
- Address modification
- Modification of quantities delivered / collected
- Navigation (Waze / Google maps)
- Configurable workflow


Real-time monitoring

- Export of routes to the Mapo mobile application
- Real-time tracking of mission execution, thanks to the status of route points validated by the mobile team: Planned, Started, Completed, Rejected...
- Geolocation of vehicle fleet
- Calculation of estimated time of arrival (ETA), based on real-time traffic data
- Automatic SMS dispatch to customers according to user-defined workflow, e.g. SMS at tour start, approach SMS...
- Automatic e-mail to scheduler when an anomaly is recorded


Performance report

- Exportable performance report in CSV format
- Comparison of planned and actual


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