Our Mapo training sessions

Take the training course on our Mapo solution so you can start planning and optimising your routes with confidence.

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Master Mapo in less than 4 hours

  • Vehicle management
  • Destination point management
  • Plan management
  • Zoning and/or optimisation
  • Using the mobile application
  • Monitoring routes and using dashboards
  • We can help you get started with our route management and optimisation solution, either remotely or on-site.

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Takes context into account to speed up implementation

The training is non-specialist and contextualised in line with your business and the challenges you face. This makes it easier for you to plan for the future use of the solution.


Short format for better efficiency

We've used our 10 years of experience to optimise our content, ensuring that the training is completed in record time. No need for the people in training to come in for several days.


A range of options to fit your constraints

Our training can be done on-site or remotely, however you prefer. Each session can host up to 5 people.

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No prerequisites are necessary

Whatever your level of computer skills or route management, our training will make you proficient in Mapo, so you can plan efficient, optimised and well-balanced routes.

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