Delegate the management of your delivery operations

Our highly-trained team members cover the operational tracking of deliveries, handle incidents or manual orders for you, either face-to-face at your site or remotely.

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Managing deliveries at the level expected by your customers can be a challenge.

  • Lack of trained staff
  • Unpredictable workload
  • Increased need for responsiveness and availability

Once the Woop platform has been set up, we can work with you on a full or part-time basis, remotely or at your site, to solve operational problems, pro-actively track deliveries or fulfil orders that require manual intervention. This will result in the best customer satisfaction.




Continuous training

Our operators are continuously trained in our evolving solutions. They also have a good understanding of the challenges deliveries present for businesses.


One-stop shop

Our operators act as a one-stop shop for managing operational requests and they work with the various Woop teams to provide the most appropriate responses.


On-demand operation

Full-time, part-time, on-site, remote, we adopt the system according to your expectations and needs.