Solutions to lead your digital transformation

Woop brings you simple and intuitive technology solutions to accelerate the overall delivery transformation of your processes and customer experience.


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To attract more clients, it's now essential that you transform your business

  • Increased agility and reliability
  • Offer more visibility and boosted service quality
  • Reduce your operational costs
  • Improve working conditions for your employees

Woop offers you digital tools to make your digital transformation a simple process. Plan, execute and manage your tasks with user-friendly applications. Fleet management, route optimisation, real-time delivery tracking and management dashboards are all solutions available to quickly initiate your digitalisation.


A comprehensive offer to simplify your activities


Route management software

Manage your fleet of vehicles, plan your rounds, calculate the best route, manage mission fulfilment and automatically communicate the tracking of operations to your customers.


Mobile application

Provide your drivers with all the tools they need to carry out their tasks (navigation aid, route plan, proof of delivery management) and track their location.


Management dashboards

Measure your performance and service quality to identify areas for improvement.


Woop, the favourite last
mile solution for carriers

For carriers, Woop is also:

A direct connection with brands looking to make deliveries

Business expertise available through auditing and consulting services

A label to enhance your professionalism and develop your visibility