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Join more than 600 carriers in the Woop network for greater visibility with leading omni-channel brands.

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In a dense and complex market of transport stakeholders,

  • How can you develop visibility with omni-channel brands?
  • How can you highlight your special features?
  • How can you easily obtain new delivery flows?

As a partner carrier, connect quickly with the biggest brands and use the special features of your offer to help them to meet their last mile delivery challenges. By joining the Woop platform, you can increase the flows given to you and significantly increase your revenue.

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Flexible integration

Our platform is completely open thanks to our APIs, which allow for thorough integration into your information system. A batch mode is also available.


Fast activation

Once you are connected to the platform, you only need one click for a brand to transfer the first transport orders to you.


Technical monitoring

You can use the dashboards to monitor how your technical integration functions with the platform.

The "Le Label Woop" label


A unique label in the Supply Chain world

Woop is launching the "Le Woop Label" label, which is a quality guarantee for brands connected to the Woop platform and a label certifying the quality of the services offered by local carriers who meet our requirements.

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