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2023/06/27 5min read

Experts’ Responses: Growing complexity of Urban Logistics

Current urban logistics context By 2025, 65% of the world's population will live in urban areas In 1 ....

2023/04/13 6min read

How to improve the conversion rate in e-commerce?

The conversion rate of a website refers to the number of people who have carried out a specific acti ....

2023/04/11 3min read

How to set up a click-and-collect solution?

Click-and-collect continues to appeal to consumers year after year. According to new research by Bar ....

2023/03/06 5min read

What is click and collect?

The multiple periods of confinement due to the covid-19 crisis have accelerated the development of c ....

2023/02/22 6min read

5 steps to set up collaborative delivery

What is collaborative delivery? Consumers' expectations of the shopping experience - and therefore o ....

2023/02/07 4min read

5 tips to reduce your return rate

The return rate is a good indicator to measure the satisfaction of your customers, whether you are a ....

2023/01/24 7min read

Woop's 2023 events calendar

Every year, we have the pleasure of meeting you at various events and trade shows in the retail, sup ....

2023/01/12 3min read

Automatic lockers: when to use them for your deliveries?

Automated lockers have real advantages for last mile logistics. They can simplify your distribution ....

2023/01/05 4min read

Woop digitalizes its entire carrier library!

Much more than a technological platform for optimizing the last mile, Woop is also a network of more ....

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