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2022/09/09 4min read

The complexities of last mile logistics

Why is last mile logistics so complex?  Brands must adapt to consumer expectations Last mile logisti ....

2022/09/06 5min read

Checkout ecommerce: tips to boost your conversion rate

The challenges of checking out your ecommerce site In the ecommerce sector, the checkout corresponds ....

2022/08/26 5min read

Why implement real-time parcel tracking?

If you offer your customers delivery services and send parcels, real-time tracking of deliveries is ....

2022/08/19 4min read

Finding a carrier in 2022

For retail, digitalization will continue to accelerate in 2022 in response to the growing demands of ....

2022/08/11 4min read

Retail: 3 delivery solutions to boost your business

The boom in e-commerce has brought about significant changes in the retail sector, particularly in t ....

2022/07/29 3min read

Our website has a new look!

After the first version of our website in February 2022, we are pleased to present you the version 2 ....

2022/07/28 5min read

Woop's 2022 event calendar

Every year, Woop comes to meet you at retail, supply chain, and e-commerce events worldwide.

2022/07/22 6min read

How to optimize your last-mile deliveries?

Last-mile delivery is the most difficult to orchestrate and the most expensive. As such, there are m ....

2022/07/06 4min read

What is last-mile delivery?

Have you ever heard of last-mile delivery or last-mile logistics? In the current context in which we ....

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