Woop digitalizes its entire carrier library!

2023/01/05 4min read

Woop digitalizes its entire carrier library!

Much more than a technological platform for optimizing the last mile, Woop is also a network of more than 600 transport partners who are committed to offering the best delivery experience every day! After months of work, we are very happy to give you access to a unique repository of the most efficient carriers, qualified by us: The Woop Book. The Woop Book is the perfect mirror of our knowledge in the last-mile delivery ecosystem, consolidated by our team of transport experts.



A unique reference: The Woop Book!

What is the Woop Book? 

The Woop Book is the very first digitized library of delivery partners on the market that will allow you to find the transport offer perfectly adapted to your strategy! 

You'll access valuable information about more than 250 carriers from our network, analyzed and qualified by our experts. You will have free and unlimited access to detailed information on these carriers, including performance indicators (customer satisfaction, NPS) generated by our platform. 

Our experts also regularly update the characteristics of all the players listed in the Woop Book and regularly add local, national or international carriers: every week, new partners join our network or are integrated into our platform! You will also be able to follow the integration status of new carriers with the Woop platform. 

In other words, the Woop Book gives you access to all our expertise in carrier sourcing, developed thanks to the close relationship we have with our delivery partners.

To summarize, with the Woop Book, you can: 

  • Quickly and easily find a carrier that meets your needs using 16 specific criteria (see below) to filter the different offers from our transportation partners.
  • Conduct carrier sourcing studies quickly and independently with instant access to our knowledge of the parcel delivery ecosystem.
  • Quickly evaluate the selected carriers thanks to operational performance indicators (respect of the delivery promise, satisfaction rating...).
  • Finally, if you choose to subscribe to the Woop platform (or if you are already a user), you will be able to directly activate the use of the carrier's services in a few clicks. 

Woop digitalizes its entire carrier library!

How do I use it?                                   
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This tool is easy to use! After subscribing to the offer, you can access the Woop Book online directly on our website. You'll be able to use the following criteria to identify carriers with offers that match your needs:

  • Service (room of choice, front of house, unpacking and pickup point, product return...)
  • Delivery Promise (delivery by appointment, same day, D+1...) 
  • Delivery Model (international, national, local flows, ship from store, ship from warehouse...) 
  • Type of vehicle (bicycle, van, vehicle for heavy goods...) 
  • Logistic features (cross dock, sorting, packaging, order preparation...) 
  • Product typology (frozen, fresh, dangerous products, furniture...) 
  • Green vehicle fleet (100%, partially...) 
  • Country
  • Department
  • Parcel Weight supported
  • Distance
  • Parcel Dimensions supported
  • Integration status (under study, being integrated, integrated) 
  • Publication status (private, public) 
  • Status (active, inactive) 
  • New

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Once the filters have been applied, you will have access to detailed information on each carrier, listing their in-depth, reliable and up-to-date characteristics. 

In particular, you will be able to quickly find carriers with a fleet of low-emission vehicles, for example!

If you want to: 

  • Set up and manage a network of local carriers to deploy local delivery flows from your sales outlets,
  • Find and select specialized carriers or those offering specific services/promises,
  • Set up eco-responsible deliveries from your points of sale or your warehouses,
  • And many other use cases...


The Woop Book is what you need, it will bring you a simple, fast, and accessible answer!

Ask for your Woop Book demo now!  




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