2023/04/13 6min read

How to improve the conversion rate in e-commerce?

The conversion rate of a website refers to the number of people who have carried out a specific acti ....

2023/04/11 3min read

How to set up a click-and-collect solution?

Click-and-collect continues to appeal to consumers year after year. According to new research by Bar ....

2023/02/07 4min read

5 tips to reduce your return rate

The return rate is a good indicator to measure the satisfaction of your customers, whether you are a ....

2023/01/12 3min read

Automatic lockers: when to use them for your deliveries?

Automated lockers have real advantages for last mile logistics. They can simplify your distribution ....

2022/12/16 5min read

What is the average conversion rate for an e-commerce site in 2022?

In 2020, e-commerce has played an important role in the fight against the economic crisis linked to ....

2022/11/09 5min read

The different e-commerce delivery methods: how to choose which ones to offer?

When setting up your e-commerce website it is essential to define the delivery promises you will pro ....

2022/10/25 5min read

Drive to store strategy: why and how to implement it?

The boom in e-commerce has brought about significant changes in the retail sector, particularly in t ....

2022/03/24 2min read

Carter-Cash boosts its e-commerce activity with the Woop solution

This is the story of a collaboration between Carter Cash, a specialist in the distribution of automo ....

2022/03/09 3min read

Focus on the Unified Delivery Management System

E-commerce has become the main shopping channel for consumers. In 2021, the number of online shopper ....

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