Focus on the Unified Delivery Management System

2022/03/09 3min read

Focus on the Unified Delivery Management System

E-commerce has become the main shopping channel for consumers. In 2021, the number of online shoppers has increased by 3.8%, which represents no less than 10 million deliveries per day. The players in the last mile logistics market must therefore respond to the logistical complexity of the new omnichannel paths offered to consumers. (Source: Fevad)

Since the health crisis of 2020, e-commerce has become the main purchasing channel for consumers. Nevertheless, it is estimated that 25% of the kilometers travelled by goods transporters are empty, while the workload of delivery drivers is increasing. (Source: Ademe)

Omnichannelity has considerably increased the number of flows: online or offline orders, shipment of goods from a warehouse or a store, reception by the consumer at home, in a store or in a relay point. This multiplicity of flows and channels leads to complexity in managing the customer journey, which requires great interoperability and technological flexibility in the supply chain.

To meet the logistical complexity of new omnichannel consumer journeys, last mile supply chain players need to add flexibility, agility and resilience to their processes. To do this, they need tools that can better plan, orchestrate and track package delivery and collection.


What is a DMS?

You've probably heard of it : it's the new must-have tool for orchestrating deliveries. The unified Delivery Management System (DMS) is a logistics technology tool used to plan, manage, optimize and execute delivery activities. It is the last mile orchestration platform. It enables retailers to select the best transport partner for each delivery, whether ship from warehouse or ship from store, to meet cost, service quality and, above all, the environmental footprint of the delivery.

The unified DMS adds Mapotempo, a solution for optimizing and planning routes, as well as a tool for tracking deliveries in real time using a driver application. The unified DMS therefore offers a complete and relevant solution for retail chains, but also for logistics and transport.

The unified DMS brings together players who have different constraints but need to work together to deliver a perfect experience for the end customer.

Webinar#4: Unified DMS, the solution for efficient and responsible delivery. ROI, benefits, how does it work?

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If retail companies want to delight their customers with perfect deliveries, they must rely on a powerful technology that can address the new challenges of delivery. Woop's Unified Delivery Management System provides a tool to manage and optimize the supply chain from the choice of carrier partner to the measurement of end customer satisfaction. It is the answer to the triple challenge that retail companies must face: responsibility, performance and enhanced customer experience.


The DMS and the challenges of the last mile market

To meet the demands of a constantly changing market and consumer expectations and behaviors, last mile delivery players must adapt to stay in the race.

One of the difficulties created by these new requirements is that today the digitalization of the supply chain needs to evolve as quickly as these multiple distribution channels that are so popular with consumers. This is a major challenge if we are to address this omnichannel reality more effectively and qualitatively.

How can we combine responsibility, performance and customer experience in last-mile delivery? What are the answers to these challenges? What is the scope of action of the unified DMS by Woop?

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Our Woop technology platform is available as a software-as-a-service and requires no on-site software installation.
For each delivery, the Woop platform automatically proposes different transport scenarios according to predefined criteria - price, quality of service, carbon impact - thus allowing you to choose the best offer at the best price, while favouring soft mobility as soon as possible.


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