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You can use our planning software, Mapo, to easily organise and optimise the routes taken by your fleets of vehicles.

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Planning delivery routes can be a real headache, especially when you're doing it manually.

  • A lot of time spent planning routes
  • Unbalanced and overloaded routes
  • Non-compliance with time constraints
  • Complicated cost optimisation
  • Management of absences and variations in business

With Mapo, your team can become more productive, so you can focus on growing your business. You can plan, execute and manage your tasks with user-friendly applications. You have access to all the features you need: fleet management, itinerary calculation and route optimisation, real-time tracking and management dashboards.

Reduction of the operating costs for vehicle fleets

From planning time, distance travelled and travel time to vehicle use costs, Mapo reduces the operational costs of your routes by 15-30% and maximises the potential of your resources.

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Customer satisfaction

Uphold the delivery guarantee you've made to your customers, and particularly the scheduled time slot, thanks to route optimisation. Real-time delivery tracking and automatic text messaging also allow you to communicate the right tracking information at the right time.


Peace of mind

Instant calculations of distances and travel times, as well as real-time monitoring of route execution, facilitate the planning, execution and control of routes, which greatly improves the peace of mind and efficiency of your mobile staff or planners.


Sustainable development

Using route optimisation to reduce distances travelled and limit vehicle wear and tear means you can also limit the environmental impact of your operations.

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Details of the feature

  • Capacity management
  • Geographical sectors
  • Route optimisation integrating numerous constraints
  • Pick-up & Delivery
  • Open APIs to access algorithms or interface with your existing tools

Mapo offers different optimisation modes to better fit to your organisation. Our high-performance algorithms are suitable for very large volumes of points (several tens of thousands at the same time).

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Key figures

0 %
fewer miles travelled
0 %
overall cost reduction
+ 2900
vehicles equipped with the mobile application
constraints taken into account for planning and optimisation




Simplification of regular return trips to the depot


Heavy goods vehicles

Multi-mode route calculation suited for heavy vehicles, as well as pedestrians, bikes or light vehicles.


Technological mastery

Internal operational research team to customise our algorithms to business requirements.



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