Finding a carrier in 2022

2022/08/19 4min read

Finding a carrier in 2022

For retail, digitalization will continue to accelerate in 2022 in response to the growing demands of consumers. Another trend is remarkable according to the Keyrus study: the service offer must be pushed to its maximum. To achieve this, offering various delivery solutions and prioritizing local shops will remove barriers to purchase. 

Because of this, the need for delivery is constantly growing, especially for Bricks & Mortar (physical retailers). To vary these deliveries, retailers can decide to implement an omnichannel strategy. This means that a company can operate online, via an e-commerce site, while also being present offline, via its physical shop for example. 

The retailer will then have to offer specific and adapted delivery services that meet the needs of its customers. (Click & Collect, Ship from Store, Click & Drive, home delivery, D-Day or Day +2 delivery, etc.)

To set up delivery and collection solutions: How choose among the many transport professionals? 

Read our advice on how to choose the right carrier.

Define your needs and requirements to find a suitable carrier 

To define your needs and requirements, we advise you to draw up a set of specifications beforehand, including : 

  • Your starting points and areas to be delivered.

  • Your needs in terms of the type of eligible products.

  • Your market and its constraints.

  • The proposed delivery times

  • The volumes of orders to be supported. 

  • Your requirements in terms of operational efficiency.

  • Your objectives in terms of service and expected user experience.

Once these requirements are defined, finding a reliable carrier is a key step in setting up your delivery operations. 

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Sourcing the various carriers

From now on, you will choose the right carriers. To do this, let us show you the ideal partners for each type of delivery. 

  • National delivery (TNT, Geodis, Agediss...): these road carriers offer home delivery or delivery to a collection point.
  • Local delivery: (Interia, TBMS, Stuart, BoxHome, Urby...): ideal in case of emergency or need for express delivery, these carriers are also able to offer a very qualitative service due to their knowledge of the territory.
  • Freight forwarders (Colisweb, Stuart, Trusk...): as a real intermediary, he takes charge of organizing the transport of goods (dispatch, reception, and storage) in his own name but on your behalf. He will freely choose the carriers or other intermediaries he will call upon to accomplish the mission. He generally has an interesting geographical coverage and more important means.
  • Delivery in relay points (Pickup, Colis Privé Store, Agrikolis...): for flexible deliveries and at a lower cost for the user who can collect his parcel whenever he wants in a relay point or pickup relay. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly delivery methods.
  • Fresh delivery (Coursadom, Cogepart, Star Service...): to deliver fresh products in good conditions by meeting the deadlines and conservation requirements for this type of product.
  • Cyclo logistics or electric delivery (Urby,, Vlove, Applicolis, etc.): this makes it possible to offer deliveries adapted to the new urban regulations (LEZ) that are flourishing in cities and to offer consumers a 100% carbon-free delivery service.
  • Collaborative delivery (Pickme, Welco, Yper, Shopopop, Tut Tut, etc.): this optimizes road transport by pooling the journeys of private individuals by taking advantage of their daily journeys to carry out delivery operations. 

Finally, it is better to use several carriers to reduce your dependence on a single player, easily optimize your transport costs by using competition and address the specificities of each order to increase customer satisfaction. 


Delivery solutions are constantly developing and their service offering is becoming more diverse and extensive. It is difficult for companies to be aware of all the offers available on the market and to make the right choices to optimize their costs or improve their customer experience.

To help them, what better than a SaaS platform that technically aggregates the services of multiple carriers into a single point? The Woop SaaS solution orchestrates all these transport solutions and allows you to find the partners that meet your needs and those of your customers in a few clicks. Via the platform, you integrate the various delivery services chosen and benefit from personalized support from our expert teams. 

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* Dans le contexte de l'Internet et du commerce électronique, l'expression brick and mortar, ou brique et mortier en français, sert à désigner une entreprise de vente traditionnelle ayant pignon sur rue, c'est-à-dire des points de vente « physiques » dans des immeubles « en dur ». 


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