Retail: 3 delivery solutions to boost your business

2022/08/11 4min read

Retail: 3 delivery solutions to boost your business

The boom in e-commerce has brought about significant changes in the retail sector, particularly in the competitive playground. Although retail (offline) and e-commerce (online) are often opposed, the latest trends such as omnichannel and cross-channel show a real convergence. 

New consumer demands in terms of cost and delivery options are driving retail players who have embarked on online sales to optimize their logistics and distribution chain in order to remain competitive. They must also develop new approaches to attract and retain an increasingly volatile customer base. 

Thus, implementing alternative delivery or pick-up solutions represents a real opportunity for retailers to compete with the online customer journey offered by e-commerce pure players, while exploiting the strength represented by their physical points of sale. 


The 3 delivery or pick-up solutions to boost your retail business

These delivery and pick-up solutions can help you to increase your turnover and the attractiveness of your brand by integrating new customer journeys. 

Click and Collect 

Click and Collect is a service that allows consumers to order online and then collect their items from a local shop. (This feed can sometimes come directly from the "shop" tab on social networks such as Instagram!)

This is a perfect example of a cross-channel strategy (ordering online and collecting the product offline). This customer journey is also favored by more than 80% of French e-buyers (Fevad 2021). By offering Click and Collect in one or more of your shops in your network, you can define several collection points. No more waiting at the store checkout or at home. 

With Click and Collect, which is better suited to small quantities, your customers can collect their order at their convenience, on the day or later, without having to pay for delivery. This customer journey, supported by the French government during the health crisis, can be a lifesaver in the event of forced shop closures, particularly for so-called "non-essential" businesses that can offer in-store collections. 

Click and Collect helps to improve the turnover of your shop stocks by allowing them to be offered for sale online. It can also bring traffic to your stores and generate additional sales. 

Click and Collect

Click and Drive

Quite similar to Click and Collect, Click and Drive also involves the consumer ordering online and then collecting the item directly from one of your structures. 

Unlike Click and Collect, the related structure is completely dedicated to the collection, either by car with the classic drive mode or in pedestrian mode for local shops in the city center. Very well known in the food sector, Click and Drive is also an ideal solution if you offer bulky products.

click and drive

Ship from store

Ship from store is a logistics strategy that consists of sending customer orders from a physical shop and not from the distribution center or warehouse. In this way, you turn your shops into mini-warehouses.  

Its implementation will enable you to improve the experience of your customers by providing a response adapted to their needs: Ship-from-store obtains a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS) than standard delivery. In fact, it allows you to deliver faster because the customer's order can be shipped directly from a local shop via a local carrier, and you can therefore offer a more attractive delivery promise (D-day, H+2, etc.). 

You will also be able to increase the activity of your sales areas with an average of 5% to 15% additional turnover per shop! Finally, it will make your deliveries more sustainable by serving your customers closer to home.

Retail: ship from store to boost your business

How could you implement these solutions? 

To help you implement these delivery and pick-up solutions, the Woop Delivery Management System (DMS) facilitates the orchestration and optimization of all your last-mile deliveries. 

The Woop platform allows you to activate the carriers in its catalog that meet your requirements. You can then configure the carriers chosen for each physical shop, according to your needs for Ship From Store deliveries. Electro Dépôt has notably obtained +16% additional turnover by using the Woop solution for the implementation of its Ship from store.

For Click and Drive or Click and Collect, the Woop platform facilitates the booking of pick-up slots that will be offered at the checkout of your website, when these capabilities are chosen as delivery options. 

Would you like to know more about how Woop can support you in setting up these delivery and pick-up solutions? 

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