4 steps to offer the best parcel delivery experience

2022/10/05 4min read

4 steps to offer the best parcel delivery experience

Parcel delivery is an integral part of the customer experience. For pure players, it is the first point of physical contact between the brand and its clients. For retail brands, it is sometimes the last point of contact. In both cases, to conclude the customer's experience with your brand, it is essential to honor the delivery promise. Successful delivery in line with the consumer's expectations is a powerful loyalty lever.

Discover the 4 essential steps to offer the best delivery experience in order to optimize your customer experience. 


1. Choose the right transport partners

Whether you offer deliveries in France and/or internationally, choosing the right transport partners is essential. Each carrier has specific characteristics that allow you to adapt to the delivery experience you want to offer.

These include:

  • National delivery (TNT, Geodis, Agediss...): home delivery or delivery to a pickup point.
  • Local delivery (Interia, TBMS, Stuart, BoxHome, Urby, etc.): express and local delivery in France or in other countries. 
  • Freight forwarders (Colisweb, Stuart, Trusk, etc.): as an intermediary, they organize the transport of goods in their own name but on your behalf.
  • Delivery to pickup points (Pickup, Colis Privé Store, Agrikolis, etc.): flexible deliveries, generally in a store, at a lower cost to the user.
  • Fresh delivery (Coursadom, Cogepart, Star Service, etc.): to deliver fresh products in good condition.
  • Cyclo logistics or electric delivery (Urby,, Vlove, Applicolis, etc.): for greener parcel delivery in France.
  • Collaborative delivery (Pickme, Welco, Yper, Shopopop, Tut Tut, etc.): to pool private travel by taking advantage of their daily journeys to carry out delivery operations.

Thus, it will be necessary to define your needs and requirements, especially in terms of delivery promise, to select your best transport partners. Once you have defined your expectations, we advise you to draw up a set of specifications. 

To enable you to meet your customer's expectations and the evolution of their consumption patterns, you will most likely need to call on several carriers to implement and honor your various delivery promises.


2. Propose appropriate delivery solutions

Offering the best delivery experience also means satisfying consumers upstream by offering them the delivery and pickup solutions they expect: 

  • Pickup point network,
  • Express delivery (D-D or D+2), 
  • Home delivery, 
  • Click & Collect - directly in stores, 
  • Ship from Store, 
  • Click & Drive, 
  • etc.

Not offering the delivery promise a customer expects can lead them to turn to one of your competitors. These delivery solutions can therefore help you increase your revenue and brand appeal by integrating new customer journeys adapted to their lifestyle. 

A delivery promise is only as good as its delivery. You may have gained a customer through the delivery promises offered, but to retain them you will need to ensure that you deliver on your promises. If the delivery experience is what your customer expects, they will be much more likely to engage with your brand over time. But to do this, you need to be able to plan, track and analyze your shipments, using the right tools.


3. Follow the steps in real time

Real-time tracking of parcel shipments allows you to anticipate delivery incidents. Notifying your customer of any extra time upon reception will be much better perceived than if they discover it on the day they thought they would receive their parcel. This is especially true for fast delivery, where ensuring the delivery promise is essential. 

With a tracking module such as the one on the Woop platform, you will be able to be more proactive. In addition to identifying incidents, you can alert your customers via notifications (email, SMS, etc.)

In addition, setting up a good parcel tracking system with regular communication with your customers also allows you to reduce the number of incoming calls to your after-sales service. 

Retailers connected to Woop who use our tracking module on a daily basis have found that up to 35% fewer incoming calls are made by their customers!

The tracking module can be combined with the Mapotempo by Woop routing module: the routes of your internal or external vehicle fleets can be easily organized and optimized. This solution offers a mobile app that allows drivers to follow the progress of their delivery rounds from their smartphones. You also gain visibility on your delivery operations thanks to the data retrieved in real time by the Woop unified DMS.


4. Equip yourself with the right tools 

Whatever your use cases (Ship from warehouse, Ship from store, Click and Collect, Click and Drive...), setting up and managing all omnichannel delivery channels is a challenge for retailers and brands. Woop's unified Delivery Management System allows you to manage all these channels centrally.

In the implementation of various delivery modes, the DMS will be a facilitator. It will allow you to unify these delivery or pickup methods within a single technological solution. You will also be able to collaborate and choose to connect with the best transport partners to meet your needs and environmental requirements. Over 400 carrier partners are already available in our network.

Among the various existing modules, the Mapotempo by Woop routing and the Woop tracking module will allow you to follow the progress of the parcel in real time in order to anticipate and warn your customers.

In short, the unified DMS is the best tool to support you and offer the best experience to your customers! 

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