Recap’: Launching an omnichannel second life offer

2022/06/21 5min read

Recap’: Launching an omnichannel second life offer

Our webinar on the last 16 June addressed the best practices of players moving the lines of the omnichannel second life offer. For this occasion and to share their valuable advice on the circular economy, we brought together experts Antoine Bagur - co-founder of CircularX, William Ternynck - director of strategy and sustainable development at Carter-Cash, and Matthieu Bonenfant - CMO at Woop.


The second-hand market

To illustrate the dynamics of today's topic, let's look at some figures related to the second-hand market:

  • The second-hand market is expected to be worth 86 billion euros in Europe by 2024.
  • This is 25 times the growth of e-commerce over the next two years.
  • 85% of Europeans are now attracted to this type of product.
  • 11.8% of products consumed are second-hand.
  • The European Commission estimates that 700,000 jobs are created in France by activities linked to this economic sector.

Source: Fintech Tripartie.

We can therefore understand that there is a real enthusiasm for these second-hand products and therefore a real opportunity to seize this dynamic, particularly for companies.


Deploying its omnichannel second life offer

CircularX, a platform dedicated to the management of the circular economy

Antoine Bagur is the co-founder of CircularX. This initiative was propelled by the recommerce group, a historic player in France and Europe in the refurbishing of high-tech products.

Based on its experience in refurbishing and second-hand products, recommerce wanted to create a new software-based value proposition. CircularX is therefore a white-label SAAS platform dedicated to the management of the circular economy. It allows any market player to carry out its own buy-back, reconditioning, and resale offer on the widest possible range of products.

In concrete terms, CircularX enables retailers to manage their second life offer.

The concrete case of Carter Cash

William Ternynck is Carter-Cash's strategy and sustainability director.

He explains that there are two motivations for Carter-Cash customers:

  • Either they are aware and want to protect the planet,
  • Or they do it to protect their wallet.

For Carter-Cash, customer motivation is the priority. This has led them to find accessible solutions for these types of customer profiles.

The major difficulty in a second life activity is the sourcing of materials to be able to value a reconditioned product. Indeed, if there is not a large mass of products and a certain technological value to the product, there is ultimately no possibility of creating value, except by being completely out of step with a new product bought in China or India in particular.

For example, it is possible to sell reconditioned tires. However, these are quantities in short supply. What's more, when there are economic phenomena that attack the purchasing power of consumers, then we realize that the customer will delay changing his tires and the capacity to regenerate will be lost. There are phenomena that we don't control which means we can't source in a stable way.
- William Ternynck, Director of Strategy and Sustainable Development at Carter-Cash.

Nevertheless, Carter Cash has been working on the reconditioning of one of its flagship products: motor oil. A good channel for used oil, which is now one of the most organized industries and which makes it possible to regenerate these oils. Carter Cash was the first on the market to sell it in BtoC.

The models must be use-oriented. We need to favor channels that work well in terms of technology and that we can sell at an attractive price, lower than the new product.

To listen to the Carter-Cash case study in its entirety, watch the webinar replay:

Watch the replay

Let's discover some concrete cases of other market players having deployed their buy-back, reconditioning, or resale offer with CircularX.


Concrete cases of market players who have deployed their omnichannel second life offer

The CircularX routes of the takeover/purchase offer

In this excerpt from our webinar, you will discover the takeover path of Leroy Merlin. You will also understand how and why CircularX relies on the logistics and expertise of Woop.

To listen to Antoine Bagur's explanation of the takeover of Boulanger and Décathlon, you can watch the replay in its entirety.

Watch the replay

Woop's contribution to this ecosystem

In this example, Woop is integrated with CircularX. Our DMS solution Woop then takes care of the transport orchestration. Both in the collection operations, which is a crucial issue in the possibility to collect the products from the consumers, and also in the orchestration of the transport and deliveries of the second-hand product once it has been reconditioned, repaired, or checked.

The Woop platform connects retailers and companies with delivery needs with an ecosystem of around 400 different carriers (local, cyclo-logistics, etc.). This allows Woop to meet all the delivery needs and to ensure various delivery promises.

The Advices from our experts before entering the second-hand market for a retailer/brand

  • Analyze the different possible models applicable to your company (see CircularX white paper - Circular Economy: How to get started?)
  • Integrate all the flows of "used" products so that they are processed in a standard and efficient way: repurchased products, return/retraction, rental returns, unsold products, exhibition products
  • Work on the circularity of products via the interconnection of 3 pillars: repair, reconditioning, rental
  • Identify and target the right products
  • Etc.

To discover all the tips, the answers of our experts to the questions asked during the webinar and more concrete cases, watch the replay!

Watch the replay

Our Woop technology platform is available as a software-as-a-service and requires no on-site software installation.

For each delivery, the Woop platform automatically proposes different transport scenarios according to predefined criteria - price, quality of service, carbon impact - thus allowing you to choose the best offer at the best price while favoring soft mobility as soon as possible.


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