Key and exclusive figures on last-mile delivery

2022/06/14 4min read

Key and exclusive figures on last-mile delivery

Woop launches an exclusive survey barometer on last-mile delivery!

The landscape of last-mile delivery is changing rapidly. Between the boom in e-commerce and the resulting deliveries, consumers' omnichannel behavior, and customers' demand for ever-faster delivery while taking care of the carbon impact...

What is the current status of retail chains and how are they adapting their strategies and logistics to meet these new constraints?

To answer these questions, Woop, in partnership with InfoPro Digital, has produced the first Last-Mile Delivery Survey Barometer. Don't miss out on valuable information on the challenges of the Last Mile, gathered from 100 major French retailers! Discover in this article some of the key results.

The health crisis has undeniably impacted consumers and their last-mile delivery experience demands.

As a result, 43% of retailers surveyed said that the health crisis has accelerated their omnichannel strategy.


New customer requirements to be satisfied

Consumers now want more flexibility from retail companies and better delivery promises. This notion has been understood by a part of the professionals surveyed who wish to act to adapt to these evolutions:

37% of the retailers surveyed think that customer satisfaction is the first challenge to be addressed for last-mile delivery.

However, 55% of the retailers surveyed do not (yet) measure their customers' satisfaction with last-mile delivery.

To achieve this, 31% of the retailers surveyed have chosen to make the management of real-time information on the various stages of delivery a priority in order to improve the last-mile experience.


The environmental impact of Last Mile delivery

Regarding the environmental impact of last-mile delivery, we have seen some movement from retailers. 75% of the retailers surveyed have implemented or are in the process of implementing an approach to reduce the environmental impact of last-mile deliveries.

As for their motivation, 48% are deploying solutions in favor of the environment above all to meet their customers' expectations, rather than out of conviction.

Thus, the growing awareness among consumers of the impact of their purchases on the environment has had consequences for retailers.

In response, 69% of retailers who have not yet taken concrete steps to reduce their impact plan to do so.

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Difficulties in identifying the right carriers

While retailers want to increase their connection with carriers, identifying the right delivery partners is not necessarily obvious.

As a result, selecting the right carriers is still complicated for 36% of the retailers surveyed.

This difficulty has led to a desire to find it easier to find and choose carriers. Thus, 78% of retailers would like to improve the choice of carriers to offer a better delivery promise to their customers.


Technology to accelerate Last-Mile performance

To become more omnichannel, retailers need to benefit from carriers with different expertise. To achieve this, technological solutions exist to help retailers identify and choose carriers.

Nevertheless, 38% of the retailers surveyed are not yet using any technological solution to improve last-mile management.

At the same time, 17% of retailers equipped with technology solutions use an automated delivery management system.

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French retail chains are aware of the importance of the various challenges they face in meeting their customers' expectations in terms of the last mile delivery experience. The health crisis has particularly disrupted/accelerated their omnichannel strategy and it is therefore in a new context that they must now apprehend and project themselves.

In order to understand how retail companies are dealing with these new challenges, discover the full results by downloading the 2022 Last-Mile Delivery survey barometer for free.

Download the full survey barometer


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