Set up a simple drive-through system for all your stores

Use Woop to develop the attractiveness of your brand and your turnover by integrating a new customer pathway, which gets positive feedback from over 80% of French online shoppers*.


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Easily create and manage the entire drive-through system

Woop’s SaaS platform facilitates the reservation of collection slots that will be offered at the checkout of your website, when Drive is chosen as the delivery option. Your customers can choose the pickup window of their choice, depending on the available capacity and the time slots you have configured.

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Switch to shared drive-through

The Shared Drive-through system came about during the Covid-19 pandemic to enable retailers to continue to ensure the continuity of their business, and means a single pickup point can be used for several brands, facilitating the management and delivery of orders for both stores and end customers.

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An enriched experience

No more waiting at the checkout or at home. Your customers can pick up their orders when it suits them and during the time slot of their choosing, on the same day or later, without having to worry about delivery times.



This customer pathway, supported by the French government, can be a lifesaver in the event of a store being forced to close to the public, particularly stores considered as "non-essential", which can continue to sell their products.



Drive-through helps not only to improve your store stock rotation by offering it for sale online, it can also bring footfall to the store and generate additional sales.







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Set-up via the Back-Office

Woop provides you with independent management and configuration for each drive-through or pick-up point (duration of pick-up slots, available capacities) and lets you set up an automatically generated page for your customers, as well as SMS or email notifications, so they can track their order right up until collection.


Improving the customer pathway

Your customers can book and confirm a collection slot directly via checkout on your online website, and edit it after confirmation. An order tracking interface is provided. When your customer arrives, they can signal their presence at the drive-through by clicking on the connection link on their smartphone.


KPIs available

A dashboard is available to track orders (status, incidents, etc.) and to analyse the performance of the drive-through service. This means that you can coordinate and manage your teams precisely for each store where drive-through is deployed.

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