Provide your delivery staff with a specially designed mobile application

Your delivery drivers are given an application to allow them to complete their tasks within deadlines and without stress, and your managers can track the routes in real time.

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Woop is a harmonised last mile management platform used to:

  • Enable drivers to make their rounds in optimal conditions
  • Monitor the progress of deliveries in real time and react in the event of an issue
  • Give your customers reliable and continuous information about their parcel

Provide better working conditions for your team

Provide instant calculations of distances, travel times, as well as real-time monitoring of routes, facilitate the planning, to give your planners peace of mind. The feasibility of planned and optimised tours reduces stress and accident risks for your mobile staff.

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Temperature monitoring

Temperature sensor with indicator feedback to guarantee the cold chain


Multi-mode in-app navigation (on foot, bikes, light and heavy goods vehicles)

In-app navigation system suitable for all types of vehicles, including heavy goods vehicles 


ETA dynamique

Dynamic ETA calculation to inform the customer of the driver's precise arrival time

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Details of the feature

  • Mobile application for drivers with GPS navigation
  • Customisable status workflow
  • Geolocation / Track & Trace
  • Proof of delivery (signatures, photos)
  • Mission monitoring dashboards


Key figures

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Increase the success rate of your deliveries by meeting the expected deadlines


Route monitoring

Locate the vehicle's position in real time (geolocation) and manage missions



Automatically send text messages with estimated time of arrival (taking traffic into account) to your customers and communicate with your mobile staff via live chat



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