Commerce in motion

At woop we believe that we entered a new era: the age of access. Brands need to serve their consumers where, how and when they want. A Ping in a map, minutes, real time tracking and reduced environnemtal impacts are the new delivery expectations. Commerce is in motion.


Woop coordinates with and for its customers a committed and effortless delivery experience,
which will have a positive impact on the planet
in collaboration with our carrier partners.

Earth Ecology

More geographical proximity

We link up all the contact points so that you may fulfil all customer requirements and optimise all the delivery methods of your products.

Woop Proximity

It’s proven!


satisfied customers spend 12% more with their usual retailers.



dissatisfied customers who stop making purchases*

*Study made by The Last-Mile Delivery Challenge

More relational proximity

Delivery is part of a relationship, not just an outcome. At Woop, we believe that delivery forms part of the brand experience: pivotal to ensure customer loyalty.


Woop offers services that are familiar to that offered by their clients’ brands: a delivery service, click & collect, drive pool, etc.


Woop wishes to naturally protect the environment and is committed to promoting kinder delivery methods for our planet.


Our technology platform boosts the customer experience and operational efficiency of our brands.


Woop is a positive instigator for everyone who mobilises brands, their consumers and the carrier partners.