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Once upon a time…


Woop makes delivery as easy as a blink of the eye.

Established in 2018, Woop orchestrates all delivery offerings into a single pin of glass. Our technology platform identifies and optimises all the solutions to bring retailers closer to their consumers wherever they are. Our solution boosts the customer experience and the operational efficiency of brands by offering new delivery journeys (delivery service, mutualised drive, Click & Collect, etc.).


Woop orchestrates an effortless and planet-friendly delivery experience with and for its customers in collaboration with our partner carriers 


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Woop means positive retail for all


From the manifesto: 
Here’s Woop!

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“For us, delivery should be on the side of retail and experience.

Where others see parcels, we see the teams behind them,

the people involved, who talk to each other, know each other and innovate together to create new futures. Delivery is a story of relationships, not just of issuing something”


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Our story: commerce is in motion, Woop is too!


Creation of Woop


Deployment of the Ship from store by Woop solution in France and internationally for leading brands 


Woop performs well and increases the volume of parcels delivered 4-fold in one year.

Deployment of the Click & Collect solution in France and Europe.

More than a hundred shipping points (shops, drives, etc.) operate with the Woop solution.


Interfacing with more than 100 national, local and ecological transporters in less than a year. Woop now has an ecosystem of more than 250 carriers in France and abroad.

Acquisition of Mapotempo, an expert in route tracking and management, to accelerate last-mile logistics

Awarded the Ecovadis Silver label for our CSR performance

2 awards for Woop for the deployment of our supply chain strategy with Electro Depot: E-commerce Gold Trophy and Public Prize at the Night of Connected Commerce

Inclusion in the Atos Scaler programme, which promotes our approach towards a positive retail for the planet.

Our Woopistes

The Woop team is made up of more than 80 enthusiastic and passionate "Woopistes" with complementary and varied profiles combining technological and business expertise. Our employees are constantly on the move to serve our ecosystem of partners and customers defined by the famous tagline “commerce in motion”.

Our premises are integrated in the heart of a unique and stimulating ecosystem, centred around living better. We are located in the heart of the “Ch'tilicon Valley” in Lille and also in the south of France, in Bordeaux and Pau.


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Woop Fact: Did you know?

Our research shows that Woop is a bit like the word “taxi” in that you can pronounce it in any of the 3,000 languages of the world.

#International #Local



At WOOP, we want to accept everyone with their differences, to have consideration for others, whatever their differences.

We know that we learn from others, we know how to listen to them to better respond to their expectations.

Respect also requires knowledge and consideration of our entire value chain and its components, from the purchaser to the deliverer.

Respect, finally, is our ability to keep our commitments and promises and thus to do everything possible to be able to keep them.


Respect and trust imply a high degree of responsibility and accountability for one's decisions.

We are aware of the consequences of each of our actions, particularly in terms of their social, societal and environmental impact.

Each employee is responsible and active in their own area and our responsibility is reflected in the fulfilment of our commitments.


We aim to build a lasting relationship with all our stakeholders and place trust at the heart of our values. 

This trust, which is given in advance, frees up energy and creates harmonious and stimulating teamwork.

We have confidence in each other, in the company, in its ecosystem and in the future, which allows us to move forward.


For Woop, courage means daring, surpassing oneself and innovating. It also means being able to persevere in the face of difficulties, to find solutions.

We make decisions, based on our convictions, and are able to take responsibility for them and defend them to employees, customers, investors and all our stakeholders.

We have the courage to say no, to recognise our mistakes and assume our choices and sometimes dare to do things differently, always in the interests of our clients and our teams.

We are convinced that we have a role to play and can shift the boundaries of product delivery with our uniqueness and have the courage to be bold in our ambition.

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