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Who are we?

Woop is a SAAS platform, one stop shop for delivery, orchestrating all delivery offers in a single entry point. Woop has designed a technology platform that identifies and optimizes all solutions to bring brands closer to consumers wherever they are. Our technological platform orchestrates all the delivery solutions to boost experience for the consumers and the operational efficiency for the brands by offering new local services (delivery service, shared drive, click and collect...). Woop forms with its customers and its carrier network, a connected and efficient value chain offering consumers a perfect delivery experience, committed, effortless and positive for the planet.

Why the woop brand?

Because commerce is in motion, consumer's expectations and needs are changing. It expects distribution to follow its own mobility, to come to it. The retailer brand needs to secure its ability to transport and implement all delivery options and services to satisfy its customer. Woop makes the customer journey agile by offering a perfect and exhaustive delivery experience while controlling logistics costs.

How does the Woop technology platform work?

We offer a global and transverse approach to delivery services thanks to the choice and management of relevant transport partners (choice parts, installation and recovery) for our customers. We provide customer service with real-time monitoring of deliveries and satisfaction and/or post-purchase surveys to measure perceived quality. The Woop platform allows us to manage the whole chain of delivery services thanks to modular bricks (dynamic chartering, label edition, current and/or innovative delivery solutions, competitive bidding of carriers, management of logistics activities...). Once connected, your IT team is free and can activate, deactivate a carrier and control the activity through dashboards.

What are the woop services?

Woop is a modular offer that accompanies brands throughout the delivery process of their customers. Before the delivery, Woop is at your side in the search for delivery solutions and accompanies you from the sourcing stage. During the delivery Woop offers you a standardized customer communication in your image. We simplify the tracking of deliveries and take care of all transport operations. After the delivery, we offer you post-purchase solutions to measure the satisfaction of your customers and collect all their comments at each delivery. You follow in real time the evolution of your delivery costs and control all your operations. Manage your delivery activities efficiently and accurately with the woop dashboards.

What are the benefits of Woop?

With Woop, as a brand partner, you control the experience offered to your customers throughout their delivery journey and even afterwards. You offer your consumers multiple delivery options that are analyzed using the data collected. Woop optimizes your transport costs by offering you in real time the best transport offer for an order. We also secure your transport capacities in case of failure or saturation of a carrier.

What does last mile delivery/logistics mean?

The logistics/delivery of the last mile is a real challenge for the economy and the development of city centers. The delivery of the last mile is the last essential step of a purchasing journey and designates the final stage in the delivery of goods. It is a crucial step in e-commerce logistics and has a considerable impact on customer satisfaction. According to some studies, 80% of consumers do not reorder from a company with which they have had delivery problems. Our mission at Woop is to optimize and orchestrate all delivery flows to offer you all delivery offers at a single gateway. We work daily to provide our brands and their consumers with a perfect, committed, effortless and positive delivery experience for the planet.

In which countries woop are operating?

Woop offers logistics solutions worldwide. We now operate in Europe for international brands in partnership with global carriers : Auchant Retail, Norauto, Decathlon Pro en partenariat avec des transporteurs mondiaux : TailordMadeLogistics, Delivening, Bpost.

How do you become a Woopist?

We are a human-sized, fast-growing company with an exceptional working atmosphere in the heart of the Chtilicon Valley in Lille. If you are looking to join a team of passionate people working on subjects of transformation and change in retail, it's here:

How to become our carrier partner?

Our carrier partners are committed to working with us for a positive delivery experience. We offer them technological support and an increase in your turnover. We have around forty partner carriers integrated today into our platform in Europe. If you wish to join the Woop adventure, contact us here:

Who are our shipping partners?

Today we are accompanied by more than forty transport partners operating in France and abroad. We are able to offer last-mile logistics solutions that will deliver within a few kilometres of the pick-up point, on-demand delivery, delivery on D and D+ of all types of objects up to 1.2 T, express delivery of large products and collaborative delivery. To discover them :

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